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Brooke Henderson wins the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

Brooke Henderson

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Cape Breton Golf

“Bringing Cape Breton’s golf scene to the fore,” has resonance in that increasingly, tourists will come to Cape Breton for the golfing experience and stay for a visit. This was the headline in the Cape Breton Post May 6, 2014.

By: LeRoy Peach
Much credit for the new trend in visitation must go to the builders of the two world-class courses in Inverness, Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs, the addition of the Lakes course at Ben Eoin, promoters such as the indomitable director of golf tourism at Destination Cape Breton, and golf writers.

Undoubtedly, Cape Breton has benefitted from the existence of Cabot Links, opened two years ago, and the opening of Cabot Cliffs in 2015. The prestigious magazine Golfweek designated Cabot Links as the number 1 modern golf course in Canada; Golf Digest, number 42 in the world. The second course, Cabot Cliffs, has been characterized as “Pebble Beach on steroids.”

At Destination Cape Breton’s Industry Day in Baddeck, a panel of experts heaped praise on Cape Breton as a golf destination. The panel consisted of Jason Logan, the editor of Score Golf, Scott Pritchard, the representative of PGA Tour Canada, and Rob McCloskey, director general of Tourism Atlantic. These are people who love to come to our Island. In fact, Pritchard will be here for the PGA tournament, the second Celtic Classic, at the Lakes in September. Ian MacNeil moderated that discussion.

Jason believes that Cape Breton golf is “top of mind” in Canada. McCloskey, who spends a lot of time golfing here, said that while he was in Palm Springs California, he wore his Cabot Links hat. Five Americans golfers indicated that they heard about the great links course in Inverness.

Rob believes that Cape Breton has transcended other places as a golf destination. He pointed out as well that when people come, they can experience as well the extra dimension of a unique way of life and a friendly population.

When the golf tourists arrive, they will be able to play at least five exceptional courses, for modest prices, too. Right now, the average stay for golf is 3-4 nights. But what if tourists stay to soak up our incomparable landscape and seascape? In this land of beauty, we have more to offer than golf. If it’s golf only, however, then Cape Breton is closer than Scotland or Ireland.

The recent Ivany commission flagged increased tourism as a way of expanding our economy. With Bell Bay, the Highlands Links, Cabot Links, Cabot Cliffs, the Lakes and LePortage, Cape Breton now has five wonderful courses to entice those who chase the little ball and then chase after beauty and hospitality.

The Olympian Spirit

In 2016 when the Olympics arrive in Rio de Janeiro, the event will be historic in the minds of sports buffs for two reasons. Firstly, it will be the first time that the games have ever been held in Brazil, and secondly it will be the first time for over a century that the games have featured golf as a medal sport. This was decided in 2009, and has naturally made a lot of people in the world of golf very excited. Although undoubtedly there will be some players active today who will have retired by 2016, the presence of golf at the Olympics will make some extend their career by that little bit longer, so that they can feature in this historic event.

Golf at the Olympics will be something of a novelty both for golf fans and for lovers of the Olympics. The format of a typical golf tournament is not something that is often seen at the games, taking place over four days and on its own dedicated venue which cannot be used for any other sport. Nonetheless, golf now finds itself in the same position as tennis

The 19th Hole

Part of the attraction for many golfers lies in the fact that there is such a strong social factor attached to the game. It is common for golfers to play 18 holes and then wind down in what is known to many golfers as the 19th hole

Shopping For Golf Nuts

Anyone who enjoys golf is a fantastic person for whom to buy gifts. The huge range of golf merchandise out there on the market compares very favorably with just about every other sport. There are clubs, bags, balls and tees for a start, but these really do scratch the surface of what you can give a keen golfer for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. The only limit seems to be your imagination. The best presents are often the most personal ones.
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Get Away From It All On A Golfing Break

Golf is one of the most popular participation sports on this earth, and certainly one of the few where you can be watching someone play an event one day, and be playing that same course less than a week later.


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